The first week of training!

So, here it is, my big ass training plan. Image

So week one. You probably can’t see it so here is a brief summary:

Monday – I used my 10K race the day before, ran for 73 minutes, distance 10K.

Tuesday – Ran 5K, Time 35 minutes 38 Seconds. Felt great and felt I was really on track to get this done!

Wednesday – brisk walk 35 minutes

Thursday – Ran 60 Minutes, distance 8.34K, I was delighted, unstoppable. Eff you Mo, I’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!

Friday – Walked for 70 minutes, unfortunately a lot of this 70 minutes included walking to and from the pub. There was beer, there was cocktails and there was Jägermeister shots. This was the beginning of the demise!

Saturday – lets just say it involved nutella and a dairy milk for breakfast. And lets say no more about Saturday.

Sunday – “Yeah, lets do a 10K run, we got this, I am awesome”. I managed 4.87K in 37 minutes and could go no longer. Bitching, shouting, and the silent treatment followed. Because obviously, it was my husbands fault. Nothing to do with my bad behaviour at the weekend. And well, if it was because of that, he made me do it!

Monday – I awoke with what’s known in the mental health field as ‘generalised anxiety’, I had no explanation as to why I was anxious, applying the methods of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which I so vehemently teach, aspire to and believe in, was doing fuck all to stop me worrying. About nothing, was it money? No. Housework? No. Did I think my husband was going to be in a terrible car crash on the way home and die? Possibly. What would I do? How would I get to work? How would I survive without him? My Mum is in Croatia, how is she going to get over to me?

Ahhhhh, good old catastrophic thinking. I am an expert at the bastard. Incase you have no idea what I am on about, here’s a little information for you

“Go for a run” he says (thankfully, he hadn’t died yet). My immediate thought was that my beloved was trying to get out of the run we had planned to go on together later this evening. Oh, how he denied it. Anyway, I couldn’t go for a run, I might get killed or kidnapped, it might rain and I might drown…or something. In the end, I decided that my catastrophic thinking was indeed irrational and in many ways I was encouraging it as an excuse to not get off my arse and go!

So I went, I-pod on shuffle. The first song is “The Leave Taking” – From the Lord of the Rings soundtrack (now this ain’t an upbeat “lets kill orcs” song, but rather a beautiful piece of music to accompany Galadriel looking contemplative) then I get “Just for a Moment” by Ultravox, then “Goodbye Cruel World” by Pink Floyd and at some point “Love is like a Butterfly” by Dolly Parton!

I mean seriously, how was I to run with this shit playing in my ear lobes? It was compossed to be played in slow motion, I was gonna get nowhere…slowly!

Now, a nasty habit I also have, is to guess or estimate the time left of a run on the basis of how long a song is and how far I have to go. “This song is about 3 minutes long, add 30 seconds, just to be safe, so when this has finished I should have gone 0.4K which means I’ve about 3.6K to go, which is like another 21 minutes, which is equal to about 7 more songs, presuming that they are of similar or equal length to this song”


So, during my mathematical equations, I ran, my heart rate averaging 175BPM (I use a Polar FT4 to monitor my heart rate, that way, I know how many calories I can eat back…I mean, how many I’ve worked off), “is that good, should I be going faster? Am I going to fast? Now I have a stitch, ow ow ow ow. Should I just stop? How long have I got to go? This song is about 6 minutes long so…”


Anyway, the nice Nike lady on the nike running app finally calls out “5KM completed, time 33 minutes 49 Seconds”. Huh? What? Really?

I am awesome again!

So after this first week, but in particular today, the things I have learnt or learned (oh, no, blogging and the ultimate spelling and grammar anxieties have come) during training are:

  1. You don’t always need to have a running partner. You can and are strong enough to run alone. Your husband won’t make you go any faster if you can’t go any faster. This is because you’ll just shout at him if he tries to motivate you; “I’m doing my fucking best”. Shout at him if he slows down to wait for you; “Great now I look like a big fat girl that can’t keep up with you”, and lastly shout at him if he runs at his own pace; “Why wont you even fucking wait for me?” Run at your own pace, do your best, and don’t shout at your running partner, that energy is best kept for helping your legs carry you.
  2. I overthink far too much, the song equations sound funny as I’m reflecting on them now, but during a run, they really do drive me insane and frustrate me. I am therefore going to try some ‘Mindful Running’, this is a link to a great little blog I’ve found on Mindfulness and running
  3. If I can’t run mindfully, I really need to sort out a decent running playlist on my I-pod.
  4. Exercise, boosts your mental wellbeing. Medication and Therapy do work wonders but sometimes simple lifestyle changes go a long way. I need to avoid copious amounts of alcohol and junk food if I am to take this training, seriously.
  5. You will have bad days, failure is ok, no one will judge you on your failings but rather your ability and motivation to try again.
  6. I completed 5K in under 34 minutes today. That’s bloody good!

So, that’s week one done, and week two commenced. Walk and stretch day tomorrow. I’m off for a cup of tea and a penguin!


About leanne402

Brand new mother to a brand new baby. Trying to figure motherhood out and sucks. Hours is spent endlessly googling and searching the web to find answers, tips and places to hide a body. Found this amazing blog, written by a Daddy called "I have no idea what I am doing", I have come to the conclusion, that this wrong. It's not us, the parents who don't have a is our children/babies who don't know what they are doing, and basically...need to their s**t out. Pronto
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5 Responses to The first week of training!

  1. Anna says:

    Wow, that looks exhausting. Well done! I laughed out loud at your explanations on why one doesn’t need a running partner! Couldn’t agree more!

  2. Oh I love reading other people’s blogs when they are as sweary as I am…..and clearly as unbalanced. I am pretty sure I subscribe to all available cognitive distortions, catastrophising is one of my personal favourites ….it might just happen y’know 🙂

    • leanne402 says:

      I am a fantastic catastrophiser! (Or awfuliser as some of my patients call it). It’s very likely that we will die during training you know! Sudden adult death syndrome is a strong possibility. 😉

      • I train on roads (until I get to the bridleway), roads are dangerous, I actually fell and suffered trauma to my knee 4 weeks non weight bearing …ie MAY!!! Death is a genuine possible side effect. ,!!!

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