Alice in Wonderland and the Disappointing Run. Half Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 1.

Surely, today was the day for the best 5K? No, today was the day for the disappointing run.

Perfect running conditions, beyond perfect, still light but the sun hidden behind the clouds, lovely cool breeze, who could ask for me?

Me, I could, I could ask for; longer legs, quicker legs, less weight to carry my fat arse around, no hills on my route etc etc….I am never happy.

The husband ran ahead….he was being selfish, if he waiting for me…he was slowing me down, because he was running with me I couldn’t have my iPod on…it was one of those runs.

I’ve realised that when it comes to the second hill I have to clamber up, I stop (but whilst still running) and take in it’s magnitude, I feel like Alice in Wonderland, shrinking but without a tasty drink to spur on the process. Everything just seems so big, except for my legs which are the smallest legs ever known to man. The result? I run up the hill, quicker and harder than I do on the flats! There is something desperately wrong with my thought process and motivation. Then, get on the flat, I run slower because I deserve it after that hill. The route was never ending, I was slower than previous and just wanted it to be over. Birds were chirping away…idiots, sheep having a graze…idiots, an entire herd of cows staring at me…idiots. Just Get to 5K already.

I got to 5K, and thought to myself:


God I was a moaner. The lesson is I need to get over myself. 5K completed in 33:30, so as I am progressing though my training I appear to be getting slower, but you know what? Here’s a little picture to illustrate what I’m going to do about it:photo (2)

Now, I’m presuming this little fella eventually managed to get over the curb, because if I find out he gave up and got run over trying the other side of the road, this would be the worst inspiration instilling picture ever.

I just need to keep going, of course I am going to have thoughts such as “YOU AINT GONNA BE RUNNING NO HALF MARATHON UNLESS ALCIDE FROM TRUE BLOOD IS WAITING FOR YOU AT THE FINISH LINE, NAKED AND GROWLING, YOU CAN’T RUN FOR SHIT”. I need to tell myself as my Dad always used to say to me (and what I say to others)

“did you do your best?”

“yes Dad”,

“then your best is good enough”

Tomorrow is a new day, it will get easier. I have to tell myself thatf and rationalise my thoughts. My strength and fitness hasn’t disappeared after one rest day, I ran 10K at the weekend, I’m sure Muscle atrophy hasn’t kicked it yet. Has it? No, it hasn’t, dust yaself off and get back out there (after your rest day tomorrow as per your pretty training plan), 5K in 30 minutes will come…eventually.

So, after all that reflection and pondering and motivational self talk, I am still thinking about Alice in Wonderland, and this makes me want to have cake, but I can’t have cake, because I am on a fecking diet! FML 😉


About leanne402

Brand new mother to a brand new baby. Trying to figure motherhood out and sucks. Hours is spent endlessly googling and searching the web to find answers, tips and places to hide a body. Found this amazing blog, written by a Daddy called "I have no idea what I am doing", I have come to the conclusion, that this wrong. It's not us, the parents who don't have a is our children/babies who don't know what they are doing, and basically...need to their s**t out. Pronto
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5 Responses to Alice in Wonderland and the Disappointing Run. Half Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 1.

  1. Mandy says:

    Blerg. Bad runs are the worst, but at least you finished! Plus you got a pretty entertaining blog post out of your frustrating 5k. I got a good laugh thinking about the stupid birds 🙂 hope the next run isn’t so painful.

  2. I ate two cookies after my run today! The more you run the easier running gets. Same with running hills! I hate those things! So today I tackled every hill I came to (only two) with gusto! And for me, the run AFTER a crappy run is always better! So look forward to it!

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