I know a old runner who swallowed a fly: Half Marathon Training: Week 3 day 3

I know an old runner who swallowed a fly, I don’t know why she swallowed a fly…

I’ll tell you why she swallowed the damn fly! She swallowed the fly so that she didn’t waste time and slow down trying to get the damn thing outta her mouth when she knew she was finally gonna beat her best 5k time EVER! F**K YEAH!

photo (9)photo (8)

I did it! I finally did it.

The last week has taught me a lot about how I view my runs. I need to think of them differently or I am at risk of becoming disheartened and thinking I’m not progressing through training as I should. When I look back at my Couch to 5k times, they varied. A LOT. I need to allow myself these variations without believing I am a failure. The right times will come, even in 18 degrees worth of heat and sunshine and a diet of flies! (perhaps I’ll die?). So, lessons learned, and I feel really good about my run today. My thoughts for the next runs are gonna be as follows;

Monday – The ‘recovery’ run, presuming I didn’t die the Saturday before. (5K)

Wednesday – The ‘prepare to do your personal best’ run (7k)

Thursday – The ‘try you damn hardest to beat your best 5k time’ run (5k)

Saturday – The ‘I’m going to kill myself if this run doesn’t kill me’ run (10-12k [for now])

We don’t have to beat our personal bests with each run, even elite athletes don’t manage that. From now on, other than Wednesdays, I am not going to concentrate or listen to my time and distance, I’m just going to run at my own pace.

I also ran past a gang of teenagers again, they were taking up ALL of the road, moved out my way and apologised and said “hi” as I ran past. I thought that was really nice and it put me in a good mood. It wont last though, I know that the next group of teenagers I run past will probably have knives.

The iPod was also my friend today; Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and Prince make for great running music.

Here’s a picture to illustrate how I felt about beating my personal best 5k time:

photo (4)





About leanne402

A girl who has been lumbered with a disability following a brain haemorrhage and who also has endometriosis. A mum struggling to come to terms with what physical and mental illness has taken from her. Blogging my journey through endless hospital appointments and coping mechanisms I'm using to try and manage chronic pain, fatigue and learning to live with my disability. Trying to learn that I am not defined or confined by my illnesses and disabilities.
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11 Responses to I know a old runner who swallowed a fly: Half Marathon Training: Week 3 day 3

  1. Mandy says:

    Nice job on your PR’s!!! That’s awesome. I also really like the idea of starting a run with some intention. That not only helps you to focus but also keeps things interesting. Might have to give that a go 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m slowly figuring this out as well. It’s hard not to try to run my best every time, but I do know that I need to slow down for some.

    • leanne402 says:

      I get so frustrated when I don’t beat my times so I’m just trying to give my mind a break. Good luck with your running, I’m excited to follow your progress 🙂

  3. YAY for your PR! Congrats girl! I agree with you in allowing yourself “variation” between your runs….everyone has off running days, and the good days (like your 5K PR) will always win out over the bad 🙂

  4. Nice one! Really well done! 🙂

  5. fortnightflo says:

    Yay well done on the PB!!

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  7. leannenalani says:

    You never know what you’re going to get when passing a group of teens!

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