Goodbyes, Duck Running and Sunshine: Half Marathon Training – Week 5 Day 1

So, after a fun filled and very sunny weekend, which included some beer drinking and food such as this:

photo (7)

It was time to get back into the old training. 5k run today. I initially thought I was going to wait for the husband to get home so we could run together. He wants to check out his funky new runny shoes (Brooks – GTS13, I wear the GTS12) and these weird insoles. He had a ‘foot analysis’ done at a sports shop and got these quite expensive insoles which apparently correct his gait and reduce injury risk, pain and improve performance! He suffers from knee pain and he thought it was because he was running too slow to stay with me (gee thanks Husband).

So, I was sat around doing nothing much and when you become emotionally invested in an episode of ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ and find yourself thinking, “Honey Boo Boo would NEVER behave like these brats”, you know it’s time to do something constructive!

So, I’ve decided to do two 5Ks today. In my brilliance, I researched the benefits of running more than once a day AFTER I’d made the decision and apparently, it may not be such a great idea. You’re body will heal and build muscle with longer sessions quicker when compared to breaking them up. Then I’ve read other stuff that says two bouts of 30-40 mins wont do you any harm, so I’m gonna do it anyway!

The ‘Noon’ Run

So the 1st run (I aint even done the 2nd yet), I decided to run at noon. Yup, when the sun is at its highest. “Why the hell am I doing that?” I’m doing it to try and build up my tolerance in the sun. I’ve found info that states your body needs two weeks to get accustomed to running in hot weather, so I’ll try it out. And, I figure, the more I do it, the better it’ll be right? There’s more justification for my 2nd run later. I’m not aiming for speed, but just to be able to run in it without feeling as if I am going to pass out!photo (5)

Since the husband was allowed to buy new shoes and insoles to try and correct his duck footed trot, I wanted new stuff as well (it’s only fair) so I thought “I don’t care if I look a fool in shorts, I’ll be cooler (strictly temperature wise) and more comfortable”. So, I treated myself to some new running gear:

I’ve also realised that this is the 2nd pink running top I own (including a long sleeved winter one) along with a pink Polar ft4 Heart Rate Monitor, a pink hat, and black and pink running gloves. Oh, and a pink water bottle! I didn’t know I liked pink so much! Why can’t Nike do more stuff in purple?

The run itself was uneventful, I ran past two gangs of teenagers who didn’t have knives and didn’t make fun of my shorts. Well, they probably did have knives, but I think I looked so much like a runner they thought it futile to chase me.

The iPod was favouring ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ today, but I’ve found that I can just listen to the music and not do mad mathematical equations as I used to and I don’t get frustrated when I get a bout of slow classical music! I’m also not thinking as much, actually, scrap that, of course I’m thinking, the mind can’t not think. But I am not letting my mind wander to film quotes, catastrophic thinking or mind reading as much as I used to. I’m wondering if this is just because I am more comfortable with running now. And, true to my word, I turned the pace and time notifications off and just ran. 5k was done in 34:17. Not the best 5k ever but at least it was better than Fridays ‘Endurance’ run which took me 40 mins to complete 5k. Maybe, I’m getting used to this ‘Summer Running’.

Still hoping for rain later!

Now, in some sad news, it is with regret that I have to say goodbye to a great friend and training ally. My poor Polar ft4 Heart Rate Monitor keeps doing this:photo (6)

And yes, the battery has been changed; it’s been banged and washed, and changed again. It has left me, so now I’m not going to know exactly how many calories I can eat back after all the running I’m doing! I suppose I need to view this differently. I am training for a half marathon and running 4 (hopefully 5 times) time a week, I shouldn’t be focusing on calories and losing weight. I am near my goal weight now, and if I behaved myself at weekends and stuck rigidly to 1200 cals per day during the week, I probably would lose more weight. But feck that, I need to eat more to get my ass around the routes, if I’m hungry between meals, I’m hungry, I’ll eat something. I’ll just try and choose intelligent low GI snacks though (she types after just eating a packet of hula hoops). Meh, once I’m not gaining weight, I’ll just have to be happy with that! I am very tempted however to get a Garmen GPS watch and HRM. Do I need it though? Really? Shouldn’t the Nike + running app be sufficient? They do also come in purple…

Off for the 2nd run in a bit, I’ll get himself to post a review on his insoles. I’m predicting, they’ll be that awesome that we’re gonna resemble something like this:



About leanne402

A girl who has been lumbered with a disability following a brain haemorrhage and who also has endometriosis. A mum struggling to come to terms with what physical and mental illness has taken from her. Blogging my journey through endless hospital appointments and coping mechanisms I'm using to try and manage chronic pain, fatigue and learning to live with my disability. Trying to learn that I am not defined or confined by my illnesses and disabilities.
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11 Responses to Goodbyes, Duck Running and Sunshine: Half Marathon Training – Week 5 Day 1

  1. I LOVE new running gear and workout clothes! It motivates me so much! haha

  2. Pingback: Second Run of the Day and my Husbands Review of his New Brooks Shoes and Footbalance insoles. | leanneandthehalfmarathon

  3. Anna says:

    Wow, two runs in one day… I’m exhausted just thinking about it. And also very impressed 🙂 About your heart rate monitor: I also have a Polar, and have had the same issue that you seem to be having. After changing the battery, it was still not working properly, but then I washed the strap-thingy that goes around the chest with a little bit of soap and warm water, and the problem went away. Apparently, we’re supposed to do that every once in a while. You might of course already have done that, but if not, it’s worth a try!

  4. keo says:

    I have a Garmin Forerunner and I love it. It calculates its own calories based on weight I think, so obviously not as accurate as it would be if it went off heart rate. I also have the Polar watch that you have but have a hard time bringing by self to double up on the watches

  5. Jessica says:

    You’d be amazed at how different your mileage is between a Garmin watch and the Nike+ app. I use both (with Nike+ as backup in case I forget to charge my watch) and depending on the route, I’ve had it show a quarter mile to half mile difference because the phone GPS just isn’t quite as good. That said, sometimes they read exactly the same, but I just trust the watch more. Especially when Nike tells me that I ran under a 10 min mile when I actually didn’t, lol.

  6. ukpaleogirl says:

    I can’t belive you can do 2 runs in a day!! Totally my running inspiration! I’m with you on the mind wandering…it’s amazing where you go!

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