Bon Jovi, Pasta and Interupted Training: Half Marathon Training: week 5, Day 3

Well it’s been a while…

Busy busy bee at work on Wednesday, and was gearing up for my 7k run after my shift.

Off we went and I learnt a valuable lesson…

You know that body of yours that Mr Charles Darwin spent millions of years perfecting through evolution?

20130614-151350.jpgTake care of it. Help it out.

My poor body had been working frantically for over 2 hours attempting to digest and source some form of nutrition from what I ate for tea and I wasn’t helping my digestive system out.

I had Spaghetti Bolognaise WITH WHITE PASTA. Very bad choice and one I won’t be making again. I was in agony during the run. My stomach was able to complete the course about 10 minutes quicker than me, I was that bloated!

The only thing that was getting me through was ‘Mindful Breathing’ – bringing my focus of attention back to the breath, how the air feels, how it smells, it’s temperature etc etc. I finally got through it but during it had to ask the husband how far we’d gone three times (I was supposed to be on a ‘Naked Run’ – no focusing on pace, distance or time).


“Oh fuck”


“Oh fuck”


“oh fucccckkkkkk”

I finally completed it in just over 50 minutes.


Then after a horrific shift at work yesterday, I had neither the mental or physical strength or will power to do my 5k! I’m going to do it tonight, after seeing Superman and having a Nandos tea!!!


13K tomorrow and I’ve just bagged free tickets to see Bon Jovi at Slane Castle so I will HAVE to do the run early! I WILL DO THIS RUN!

I only know 4 songs from the set list…oh well, they are free


About leanne402

Brand new mother to a brand new baby. Trying to figure motherhood out and sucks. Hours is spent endlessly googling and searching the web to find answers, tips and places to hide a body. Found this amazing blog, written by a Daddy called "I have no idea what I am doing", I have come to the conclusion, that this wrong. It's not us, the parents who don't have a is our children/babies who don't know what they are doing, and basically...need to their s**t out. Pronto
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