Training Failures: Half Marathon Training, Week 5.

So, you know when I said I was going to run last Friday and then Saturday BEFORE the Bon Jovi gig? Yeah that never happened. I think I can safely say, last week’s half marathon training was a disaster. I had all the good intentions in the world, but Bon Jovi, beer, evil Doc Martin boots and the hangover from hell happened.


Other than a lot of walking and raising my hand to my mouth whilst holding a pint, I did no exercise. I was looking back at my first blog when I started this journey and there I was saying I wasn’t going to drink as I wanted to take my training seriously! Whoopsie.

Now, I could be disappointed and disheartened and angry and frustrated with myself. Blah blah blah. Life happens, I do want to train hard, and I do want to finish this half marathon but I don’t think my life should stop because of it. Yes I had four days off training, yes I got completely rat arsed drunk and nearly died the day after but I was at a Bon Jovi gig, I got free tickets, I know about 6 of his songs, I was that far away from the stage all I could see was his teeth! I NEEDED THAT DAMN BEER, and the two cocktails, 2 beers and glass of red wine before we arrived at the venue. Cue picture of my waterproof jacket minding my beer in the rain. PRIORITIES PEOPLE!


So, the gig (with it’s terrible muffled sound) was a great day. I needed it after a long and hard week at work and I desperately needed a distraction after seeing ‘Man of Steel’ on Friday and realising that even though he is the most aesthetically perfect human specimen of a man, I can never marry Henry Cavill because his Superman was a bit shit. Sad times.

So, I have dusted meself off, put my evil Doc Martin boots away (they never hurt at all when I got married in em) and put the brooks back on this evening.

I was anxious, because ya know, after 4 days off running I was surely back to square one, there was no way I was going to be able to do it. Well, not only did I do the 7k as planned, I was only talking away to the husband along the route! Yup, me, talking and running. Our fascinating conversation went along the lines of humming the theme tune to “Quantum Leap” and a discussion about ‘Killer Corn” which he said was from Alabama, had legs, a passport and all the relvant documentation to travel the world and kill us. I maintained the American authorities would stop the corn from travelling in order to “contain the threat” but he was adamant that they wouldn’t.

“There’s always something new with corn”

Dafuq am I writing? Wait, did I just type “Dafuq?” Mother Hubard!

Goals for the week shall be thus (and I will do them…unless I get more free concert tickets, then I’m gonna get drunk and go to a concert)

Monday – 7k (done)

Tuesday – 10k

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 5k

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 14k (Oh my motherhubardinggod)

Sunday – Swim


About leanne402

Brand new mother to a brand new baby. Trying to figure motherhood out and sucks. Hours is spent endlessly googling and searching the web to find answers, tips and places to hide a body. Found this amazing blog, written by a Daddy called "I have no idea what I am doing", I have come to the conclusion, that this wrong. It's not us, the parents who don't have a is our children/babies who don't know what they are doing, and basically...need to their s**t out. Pronto
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4 Responses to Training Failures: Half Marathon Training, Week 5.

  1. So…life happens and breaks are good, sometimes you come back stronger and rested. : )

  2. leannenalani says:

    Oh I am soooo jealous! I’d love to see Bon Jovi. I mean, I don’t care about any of his new stuff but man, back in the day his music was epic… Oh so jealous. Anyway, it’s hard to cut anything out cold turkey. It’s all good, though, you’ll get back to training and it will be like nothing happened. 🙂

  3. The concert looks like a blast! Beer is also a weakness of mine. I actually did a month completely alcohol free when I started my training. I think it helped me a lot…I’m considering doing that again for July. Good luck getting going again!

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