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Tis a Beautiful Day for a Run. Half Marathon Training: 8 Days to Go

So today was the last long run. Considering I’ve only done about 4 longuns, and had some failures along the way (stooped ass summer weather), I wasn’t looking forward to this one. I had planned to get up at around … Continue reading

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It’s nearly time….I may die

It’s 9 days and counting until my first Half Marathon. I have been on holidays for the last 2 weeks. This meant I was going to train hard. And train hard I have. If you count eating considerable amounts of … Continue reading

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Skinny doesn’t always = happy or healthy: the woes of the gym

The heat is still on here in a very very sunny Blessington, so again, it was off to the gym to do the run on the treadmill and shy away from the blistering sunshine. Not that it’s much better in … Continue reading

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The Ulimate Runner’s Guide [Infographic]

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Ok, maybe I can run on the treadmill…a little

Went to the gym yesterday, aim 5K. Stuck to the four song rule (no looking at the distance or time display until 4 songs had played in their entirety) and this happened: Don’t get me wrong, after the four songs … Continue reading

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I can not run on a treadmill.

So, again, I was misbehaved last week. Drinking in the sunshine! Two 8ks and that was it. This week I need to get back on it. Next week, I’m going away on me holidays (Edinburgh and family visiting), there’ll be … Continue reading

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Bad, bad BAD runner

So, Friday…I drank a lot of beer… Saturday…I drank some more beer… Sunday…I went to a hillbilly tractor run and…drank more beer Monday…I died a little inside. I am a bad bad runner. But, never mind, either wallow in self … Continue reading

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