Bad, bad BAD runner

So, Friday…I drank a lot of beer…
Saturday…I drank some more beer…
Sunday…I went to a hillbilly tractor run and…drank more beer
Monday…I died a little inside.

I am a bad bad runner. But, never mind, either wallow in self pity, moan and complain or get back on it.

8k completed tonight, no difference in timing, a week off doesn’t make it impossible to get back on the road. 5 weeks to go! I’ll get there, slowly, but I will, and you know what?…



About leanne402

A girl who has been lumbered with a disability following a brain haemorrhage and who also has endometriosis. A mum struggling to come to terms with what physical and mental illness has taken from her. Blogging my journey through endless hospital appointments and coping mechanisms I'm using to try and manage chronic pain, fatigue and learning to live with my disability. Trying to learn that I am not defined or confined by my illnesses and disabilities.
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5 Responses to Bad, bad BAD runner

  1. Like this cause it makes me feel better that I’m failing too! Er’body needs some time off, right?!

  2. Lin Pants says:

    I like to call my accidentally weeks off “taper weeks”. They sound a whole lot better than “oops I fell off the running train, my bad.”

  3. That’s exactly me on my lazy days! Argh!

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