Ok, maybe I can run on the treadmill…a little

Went to the gym yesterday, aim 5K.
Stuck to the four song rule (no looking at the distance or time display until 4 songs had played in their entirety) and this happened:

Don’t get me wrong, after the four songs had played, I paused the run for no more than 15 seconds, I thought I’d melted my weight away in sweat but alas, the scale this morning said “no” and it hurt far more than running on the road, but it was done. And, a lot less painfully than Tuesdays’ run.
Was planning to go swimming tonight, but I’m far to concerned about my hair. Another 5K, some cross training and a beloved rest day tomorrow.
This Irish summer needs to go now, it’s still too damn hot to run outside, and after 2 runs, I’m sick of the damn treadmill



About leanne402

A girl who has been lumbered with a disability following a brain haemorrhage and who also has endometriosis. A mum struggling to come to terms with what physical and mental illness has taken from her. Blogging my journey through endless hospital appointments and coping mechanisms I'm using to try and manage chronic pain, fatigue and learning to live with my disability. Trying to learn that I am not defined or confined by my illnesses and disabilities.
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4 Responses to Ok, maybe I can run on the treadmill…a little

  1. Krissy says:

    Great work! The cartoon tells it all! Hahaha

  2. I like the song trick. Might try that tomorrow too!

  3. Haha! Thats me on a treadmill!

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